Garza Resigns


USC secondary coach Willie Mack Garza has resigned for personal reasons.

"I stepped down today from my coaching duties at USC," said Garza, who was in his second year at USC.  "I have some personal issues unrelated to USC that I need to address.  I wish the Trojans the best and I am sorry I won't be with them in what I know will be a very successful season."

No. 25-ranked USC opens its season this Saturday (Sept. 3) at home against Minnesota.


Who is under consideration?

USC needs to get ahead of the WMG story NOW with proactive PR
At a minimum, we need a press release confirming that this is either "personal" or a "personnel" issue. Also, a live presser would do wonders to demonstrate that we're on it and WE frame it.

Please get this in front of Mr. Haden ASAP

Very bad timing. He has been a coach for a long time; he must have a very good reason to let down his team and his responsibilities just before the start of a season. Very strange!

At this time of the year it will be impossible to find a permanent replacement. Someone on the staff will have to increase their role to help out. I suspect it will be Monte as he is probably the most qualified to lead the secondary.

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