Game Day Coverage

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Our USC game day coverage on the blog, Facebook and Twitter will be similar to last year.

The team is on their own at the hotel (No Distractions), but we'll pick them up as they arrive at the Coliseum 90 minutes before kickoff.

Gameday-App-Home.jpgFrom there, we'll provide Tweets and pics from the locker room and sideline with all the latest updates and breaking news.  Click here to follow us on Twitter!

On the blog, we'll have a live chat starting 30 minutes before kickoff (Noon tomorrow), so you can all watch the game together and interact. 

We are the only football program in the country to provide a game day app.  Along with all the logistical benefits, download the free iPhone app so you don't have to miss out on the social interaction.

After the game, we'll have our "6-Points" with locker room interviews, player of the game video and Lane Kiffin's press conference. 

And the day after the game, we'll break out Jon SooHoo photo galleries and look ahead to next week.  And typically Monday, you can relive all the best action with behind-the-scenes video in "The Flashback."

It will be a fun season and you won't miss a thing if you stay locked into the USC social media network.

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