ASU Tuesday Practice: Notes


The head coach and quarterback had plenty to say today...

  • Armstead.jpgDT Armond Armstead (pictured) will redshirt the season.  He is on track to graduate this semester, but he could return for one more campaign or opt to turn pro.  "I hope he's back," Lane Kiffin admitted.  "We lose a lot of guys and it'd be great to have him back to help our front."
  • The injury report is bigger than its been since the dog days of camp.  DT DaJohn Harris, LB Lamar Dawson, OG Abe Markowitz (limited), WR Kyle Prater, LB Marquis Simmons, OG Martin Coleman and WR Brice Butler (left practice early) are the walking wounded. 
  • The coaches chose not to pump crowd noise today, but they likely will before the week's out, so the young offensive line can become accustomed to not hearing Matt Barkley clearly.  "We've just got to really listen," RT Kevin Graf said about adapting to the noise.  "Matt's going to be louder for us, so no, we should not have any problems at all."
  • True freshman LG Marcus Martin has the least experience playing in hostile environments, but he earned positive grades from Kiffin after looking at the tape of his first start.  "As you would expect, he did some good things [and] made some rookie mistakes," the head coach said.  "We're just going to have to keep plugging away in there with him.  He's got a lot of potential." 
  • Martin shut down Christian Tupou during the one-on-one session in today's practice.  The left guard depth chart is a little more clear with Jeremy Galten backing up at right tackle and Markowitz still on the mend.
  • While the crowd will surely be hostile, the Sun Devils have a reputation for being chippy as well, so the coaches have instructed the service team to goad the starters after the whistle in practice.  "We've given our guys the head's up about that type of behavior and we won't let it effect us," Barkley said.
  • Burfict-Baxter.jpgASU MLB Vontaze Burfict will likely be at the center of any extracurricular storm, but he has also been known to lead the path of destruction during the play.  "They don't make too many 245 pound guys that can run like him," Kiffin is leading the campaign to get Burfict to go pro after this season.  "When he wants to turn it on, look out."
  • Barkley has been playing Burfict since high school.  "He'll kind of do his own thing sometimes too," Barkley said Burfict will blitz on his own.  "You kind of have to keep an eye out for him." 
  • While the quarterback loves playing on the road, he does not have fond memories of his only trip to Tempe despite USC winning 14-9 in 2009.  "That was one of the worst football games I've ever been a part of," he confessed.  The freshman Barkley was 7/22 for 112 yards passing that day and the scores came on a Will Harris pick-six and individual brilliance from Damian Williams.  "We'll do better," Barkley said about Saturday.
  • If USC wins Saturday, the Trojans will have a clear leg up in the Pac-12 South race with wins over Utah and Arizona State.  "That's still too far off right now for us to worry about," Barkley said about the conference race.  "Obviously, that's a goal of ours."
  • Kiffin wants more explosiveness from his running game, but it may not come from D.J. Morgan for awhile after fumbling in each of the last two games and dropping on the depth chart as a result.  "It's almost like you have to wait for the guys in front of you to screw up again," Kiffin said about Morgan getting another chance.
  • Play of the day: DT George Uko made a one-handed interception and returned it for a touchdown after snuffing out a screen pass.
  • Here is an extended media session with Kiffin...


Two things:
1. Who is that a**hat that kept prodding about Armstead's situation?
2. Who is that angel over Kiff's left shoulder? Wow!

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