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Coliseum-App-Map.jpgThe USC Gameday iPhone app is here to enhance your football game day experience from parking, traffic and Coliseum interactive maps and detailed information to live stats, rosters and sideline updates.

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The app has 18 different interactive buttons to handle your every need on the day of the game. 

You can see the second-by-second countdown to kickoff or find a tailgate.  You can read up on the day's opponent or buy gear from the team store.

The comprehensive maps inside the Coliseum enable users to see the view from their seats, find the eateries and bathrooms closest to their section and quickly alert security of any safety issue.

We are working on developing the app for Android platforms. 



I am disappointed (greatly) that you don't seem to have any plans to support Windows Phone 7. (

I would love to get this app on my phone (Samsung Focus, at&t) and will even pay for it if it comes to my platform. Please, please, please consider this request.

I have downloaded the app and so far I really like it. Looking forward to seeing the view from my seat once that becomes available. But the big question is, will the app actually work inside the Coli? Has our wireless/Internet access been improved?

What about an app for an iPad?? That would be awesome as well...

I would love if you guys can do the Android app before gameday this weekend. I am anxiously waiting!! :)

Don't forget us Blackberry users!

Great app.. waiting for android version ..

I am a lifelong Trojan Football Fan will always B. suggestion: There needs 2 B a strong leader @ the QB position. One who has the ability 2 move around N the pocket, read defenses, athletic N not lock on 2 to one reciever. The coaches upstairs need 2 B held accountable as well.

is there a bug"?...causing "no load" of the seat map locator / Eye view..It used to work fine but I have deleted the App and reloaded several times and no fix

appreciate if You could look into this

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