The State of Troy: August

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Each month, we interview USC athletic director Pat Haden to keep you updated on all the happenings around Heritage Hall. This month, three fans submitted questions.

Fan Question: Pat, many fans feel when you do interviews and say "we want to win the right way" that statement is an indirect admission that USC didn't "win the right way" before.  How do you plan to better articulate a clear message? - Jim Tyner

Carroll-Glass-Ball.jpgI am sorry if my comments about "winning the right way" have been misconstrued.  My intent is not to denigrate any of the teams of the past or keep fans from enjoying those great years in Pete Carroll's era.  When I took this job, being on NCAA probation, I realized that if we have any further NCAA issues, we could face serious consequences for our football program above and beyond the current penalties.  I understand now that some people have taken my comments the wrong way.  For anyone that feels that I have not shown complete respect for the great teams of years past, I apologize.

Fan Question: Are you in charge of intramural athletics as well? If so, what are we doing about the facilities for the roughly 10,000 non-NCAA athletes on campus? - David

The athletic department is not in charge of intramural athletics.  However, I am well aware that we do not have enough courts and fields on or around campus.  We want Galen Center to become more of an intramural space, so we are hosting the intramural championship basketball and volleyball games for the first time this year.   We appreciate everyone's patience during the construction of the John McKay Center, which will finish this time next year and feature a brand new intramural field that is much larger and nicer than the one that used to be there.

alyssonfelix.jpgFan Question: Could Pat go into more detail concerning the Track and Field program? He mentioned that he didn't pay as much attention to this program as he should have. Can he elaborate on this? - Michael Slaughter

Historically, it is a phenomenally successful program and I would like to spend more time with them this season.  We have won 27 national championships in men's and women's track and field and have great teams coming back.  We invite the fans to come out and support track and field, which has always been a premier sport at USC.  We are kicking off an Olympic year in the Pac-12 and our track and field teams are right at the center of it.  We are so excited to watch our athletes, past and current, compete in the summer games in London.  

Q.) What are your thoughts on the new Pac-12 national and regional networks?

The Pac-12 networks will undoubtedly be a boon for USC student-athletes and the Trojan Family across the country.  The fans will now have virtually unlimited ability to watch every sport.  If I am a parent of a women's soccer player and I live in New Jersey, I can still watch almost every game.  Furthermore, it will provide opportunities for our journalism students and student-athletes to get invaluable experience working in all the different facets of a sports television broadcast.  

Q.) What are your expectations for the football team this year?

We want to improve upon last year.  We have a deeper team, which should help.  I expect us to be much better defensively.  Offensively, we did average 34 points per game, but we need to finish games better.  Other than maybe our kicking, the special teams last year were as good as I have seen here in 40 years.  We have an interesting schedule with some tough games early on, which will really take the measure of our team.  After the first week of practice, I am impressed by how much bigger, stronger and faster we look.  So far, I like what I see.

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