SC Classics: The Uniforms


USC's football uniforms were a hot topic this summer, so we thought we would dig into the history of the Cardinal and Gold with the help of Pete Arbogast.

Check it out!


And it better stay that way! This isn't Oregon! SC is all about tradition. Those all cardinal uniforms and black helmet sound atrocious

Agreed. PLEASE, no white/cardinal pants. PLEASE, no black helmets/jerseys. The USC uniforms are the best and most instantly recognizable in college football. There is zero need to change.

If love is discouraging, it is better to have no love.

Great Video. I'm an Ohio State Fan, but I respect the traditions of schools like USC, etc.

What a dig into the history of the Cardinal and Gold. Great video! If you like to have a jersey like the one they wear, visit Wagadoo Inc. and let them customize the jersey you desired.

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