Reader Response: Practice Exemptions

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We got a great comment from blog reader Dave Hidalgo earlier this week that we wanted to address.

"Ok, please do not take it the wrong way, but how did the Marines get authorized to see a practice. The admittance policy clearly states direct family, high-level staff who are approved and media can see a practice. I do not think they are all related to a player.  Hey, they have my utmost respect, but I pay a nice sum of tuition per year and I cannot even see practice from Dedeaux Field. What's up?"

The compliance department takes special requests and provides rulings on a case-by-case basis.  In simple terms, they want the USC football program to be able to do good deeds.

Obviously, we all have great respect for the Marines.  The men yesterday serve as boots on the ground in the hostile combat zones in Afghanistan.  Providing a fun day for them shadowing the team and coming to practice during their leave counted as a special exemption.

If you remember last year, USC fan Jake Olson, who lost both his eyes to cancer, was given an opportunity to attend football practice. We hope for examples like that going forward.

We understand the frustration fans feel about the new NCAA compliance rules while the program is under probation.  We'll continue to do our best to give you access to the team through videos, pictures and chats.  We appreciate your patience and loyalty.

Marines-Post-McG.JPG(Photo by John McGillen)

1 Comment

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