Game Day Improvements: Transportation and Parking


We want to continue to make you aware of game day changes that have been implemented to improve the fan experience for the upcoming season.

coliseum ariel cal04 2.jpgThis season, we have worked to improve traffic flow around Exposition Park and the USC campus.  We have developed an integrated traffic plan that will improve traffic flow and ease entry and exit from Coliseum parking lots.  

You will see more traffic control officers in the streets, improved and increased signage, and a united approach to traffic management.

Plus, all parking around the Coliseum is now reserved on a lot-by-lot basis.  Click here for a map to see where your lot is!

Each of our support group members have been assigned to a specific lot for the entire season. You will notice more visible parking permits, improved training of parking lot attendants and new lighting and re-surfacing in many of the Coliseum parking lots.

If you don't have reserved parking, we encourage you to park in the structures on campus.  Click here for a map of the on campus lots!



Question regarding parking for those that are handicapped. Last year I was able to park in reserved lots because my registered vehicle had handicap plates. Is this still going to be an option for those disabled individuals that need parking in close proximity to the Coliseum? Thank you.

Mark F

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