Tyler Response


Here are the responses regarding Marc Tyler's comments to the media that were released on the internet last week:


"I was very disappointed when I learned of Marc Tyler's inappropriate comments that were captured by the media last week.  That is not the way that we expect our players to represent USC and our team.

"I have consulted with athletic director Pat Haden and I am suspending Marc for our upcoming season opener and potentially further, and in the meantime I am also suspending him from all team activities.

"Although Marc may find this punishment severe, it is imperative we continue to have a high standard for player behavior.  Marc needs to work hard to show us that he can meet the standards of being a USC football player."


"We have very high expectations for all of our student-athletes at USC.  While the vast majority of our student-athletes act appropriately, Marc did not and stepped way out of line.  He did not represent himself, his university or his team the way we expect.   Marc has a lot to do to prove he belongs on our team.  We hope Marc learns from this and comes back a changed and better person."


"I want to apologize for embarrassing USC, my teammates and coaches.  I am disappointed that I let down all the people who have supported me as I have been working through some personal issues.  After meeting today with Mr. Haden and Coach Kiffin, I realize how my behavior and my statements, even though I was joking, can reflect poorly on so many people.  As a veteran player, I should know that my job is to be an example for the younger guys.  I accept my punishment and I regret that I will miss the opening game of my senior year.   I am committed to doing everything the right way so that I can be reinstated to the team."


I dont think that he should be suspended from TEAM-ACTIVITIES or a game really i know what he said was wrong but a game and team activities HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO BUILD TEAM CHEMISTRY WITH SUSPENDIING HIM FROM TEAM ACTIVITIES!! I DON'T AGREE!!!

Leave the Trojans alone for God's sake. Just cause they're Trojans doesn't mean they need to keep getting screwed.

These players got to realize that even if they are at a school getting a degree this is a Job !! they are getting paid to go to school & a free education. Put your time in work hard and get to the next level. Also they represent not only that school but their friends teammates and family ! with all the stuff thats going on at SC i think the punishment fits the crime ! good job to Lane & Pat these young men got to learn they have to be responsible for their actions !

Take him out for the year I saw him on tmz acting a fool all drunk dumb ass thats whats up coach lane show him was up

Marc needs to be kicked off the team. We're trying to rebuild our reputation and program. No idiots allowed. (It's not like he's that great either, we have more RB's for sure.)

I agree Marc didn't cross the line, he jumped over it. USC needs a higher standard and keeping him on the team is the wrong message in light of the TMZ and other problems he has caused. Marc is a selfish oaf who allowed alcohol to convey his feelings about his school. If he doesn't go I will not watch the games anymore because of the hypocritical message USC will send. I have not watched ANY NFL team since the last job action and not one of the MLB games since their last greed-fest. If Marc was a freshman, I might feel differently but a 5th year senior-projected starter doesn't need second and third chances! Dismiss him or choke on your hollow words.

Whether he was drunk or not, the comments were uncalled for, and his friends tried to get him away from the TMZ reporter and cameras. You do not make light of USC's situation right now, and all his comments did was damage the integrity of The Program.

Marc should be benched and kept away from the other players until he has manned-up and completed an attitude adjustment.

What do you expect from an OAKS CHRISTIAN Graduate? A bunch of babies, with big mouths. From Montana on down. They flame at the slightest adversity, and when not babied? This happens...SC SHOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN HIM....The Flame Cometh.....

Where should he go steve. This kid has been in the program for five years even when the program got in deep crap. The university has to realize that he was drunk and ran off at the mouth. He didnt have a gun or wasnt beating a woman. I mean cmon

These players got to realize that even if they are at a school getting a degree this is a Job!

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