Summer 60: Chris Galippo


Next up in the hot seat...senior linebacker Chris Galippo.

His answers don't need any added context.  Pretty much, he only has eyes for himself and Matt Barkley.  Kidding...well, sort of.


Great answer to the last question. No more showing off or the TD gets called back. It like your mindset. Please make sure everyone else follows suit, though I'm Kif and staff are drilling the rule changes into your heads......

Showboat on the sideline.
What I missed lasst year and hope ya'll do it this year, is the sideline energy when SC has the ball or when the "D" is on the field. I want to see you guys, or at least the guys not resting up, jumping up and down like you used to do a few years ago. We need to have the team energized and putting out the "we';re gonna kill you" vibes from the sideline.

Fight On brothers and sisters.... and best of luck to you Chris for this upcoming season.

Get em & drill em.....into the ground.

The habit of the life of your shoes is good!

Today's trendy designer sunglasses are a level symbol

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