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Lane Kiffin arrived in 2010 preaching discipline from day one.  This week, Kiffin and AD Pat Haden stood behind those words by suspending Marc Tyler for the first game of the season and setting a no-nonsense tone across the program.

Kiffin-Prac-Scrum.JPGLA Times columnist Bill Plaschke jumped out in support of Kiffin and Haden in today's paper.

"Cheers to Lane Kiffin for rolling up his sleeves and scrubbing out this latest Trojans mess before it left a stain," he wrote. "If the coach is truly to keep USC's remodeled house clean, this is how it has to happen, quickly and decisively, with no concern for the sweat or the pain."

Plaschke continued by comparing USC's approach to its rivals.

"If nothing else, Kiffin's actions have taught us that USC now has possibly higher standards than venerable Notre Dame and lovable Oregon."

Haden did a podcast with Ted Miller from and explained the reasoning behind the suspension, including stating that they considered throwing Tyler off the team.

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