The Trojan Family Responds


As Gary Klein documented in today's Los Angeles Times, the Trojan Family's loyalty has been tested in the wake of NCAA sanctions. 

4-USC-All-Sports.jpgWhile the situation around Heritage Hall has been murky at times, the response has been clear.  Athletic support group fundraising is down just 10% from the development peak during Pete Carroll's football dynasty.

"Through the recession, sanctions, an 8-5 season and no bowl games, we have seen nothing but loyalty," said senior associate athletic director Ron Orr who is in charge of athletic support group fundraising.

As we speak, they are hammering away at the new $70 million, 110,000 square-foot state-of-the-art John McKay Center.  And on the university front, president C.L. Max Nikias has raised nearly a billion dollars in his first year.

While many universities and athletic departments would be shaken by NCAA upheaval, the Trojan foundation remains rock solid.



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Fight On!!

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