Football, Chicken and Waffles

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Written by Dave Dulberg, USC blog contributor

Today the USC football team had a mandatory team meeting to discuss off-season plans for the summer.

Both AD Pat Haden and coach Lane Kiffin addressed the team regarding compliance and staying out of trouble off the field. Additionally, Kiffin preached the importance of staying healthy and eating right to maintain game shape. 

He ended his talk with a bit of a twist though.

"We all know nutrition is important to maintaining strength," Kiffin told his team. "But today we are making an exception."

The exception being that Kiffin brought in Roscoe's famous chicken and waffles combo for the whole team to enjoy.

Here are some of the reactions from the surprise feast:

Christian Tupou (DE): "Thanks Pat and Lane for feeding the dogs!"

Matt Barkley (QB): "This is my first time eating Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles."

Dillon Baxter (RB): "Everyone goes for two pieces of chicken, but I go for three."

1 Comment

Love Roscoe's... always went to the one on Manchester Ave. and had the omlette (filled w/ fried chicken) plus a waffle. Not that anyone cares... but seeing the video made me really "homesick" for L.A.

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