First to 400


With Arizona State's softball national championship victory last night, the Pac-10 became the first conference to reach 400 NCAA team titles.

Of the quadruple century, the Trojans have contributed 93 NCAA trophies, which is third behind UCLA (107) and Stanford (101). 

Worth noting, the NCAA does not recognize national champions in division-1 football (USC has 11) and 11 other older Trojan titles (2 men's volleyball, 5 women's tennis, 3 women's volleyball and 1 women's water polo). 

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Men's tennis leads the way with 53 titles including 19 from USC.


Just curious as to why they don't recognize the older titles. Was this pre-NCAA? Why weren't they grandfathered in? And the women's water polo one couldn't be too old...right?

Thank you. I learned a lot from your article.

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