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As expected, the BCS voted to vacate the 2004 national championship and strip USC of the 2005 title game victory over Oklahoma.

"The BCS alerted us today that their presidents have voted to vacate USC's 2005 BCS Championship Game victory," athletic director Pat Haden said.  "This was not an unexpected outcome.  We will comply with all requirements mandated by the result of this BCS vote."

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Technically, USC also has to vacate their appearance in the 2006 BCS title game, which was a loss to Texas, so the Trojans had one loss removed from the record books today.

However, USC is still regarded as the 2004 national champions since the AP decided not to vacate its title.



The NCAA does not vacate losses. Sorry, but USC's 2005 season record is 0-1-0. You get to keep all your losses.

Here's another fun fact. USC 4 Texas 1. That's right, USC and Texas have played 5 times, and SC has won 4 of those meetings. Fight on!

I wonder if its possible to kill every player on those 2 USC teams as a penalty. It seems like that would be a just penalty given that one of those players decided he wanted his mom to move out of a ghetto war zone 1-1/2 years earlier that she deserved. Who knows, if Reggie's mother had stayed in that hell hole, maybe she would have gotten shot, then Reggie would be so distraught, he would have not even played and then all the student body would be so upset that they would drop out. Probably. Maybe the NCAA should say that anyone who graduated from USC during those 4 years should vacate their degrees. That would be fair.

I think that USc would have lost every game if Bush had not received that car and his mother had not moved into a bigger apartment.

The confidence he got from driving a nice ride and the good feeling he got knowing his mother was not living like a trailer rat probably turned him from an average player into the best college player in the country. I think he would not even had made the team if he had to ride in a 5 year old chevy and his mom lived in trailer hell because he would be so concerned that when he graduated, he might not get a date with a hollywood hottie like kim kardashian!!!

With that kind of horrific future, his confidence would be so low he would barely be able to play flag football.

The ncaa did the right thing. I only regret that that do not have the authority to shoot any player that does not comply with their rules and they should say any USC graduate during those years has to go back and do all 4 years again...yea! That seems fair!

Just an FYI; the car was a 10 year old beater that cost a month's income at McDonalds. After Reggie declared himself eligible for the draft one of the sports magazines wanted to do a story on Reggie and paid to radically refit his beater and make it look special. That was not a violation.

Also, the marketers did not pay for the original beater. No payments were made to the Bush family until after the BCS championship and after the purchase of the car.

It is nice to see that the AP writers recognize the truth and decided to keep us listed as the national champions. Good for them!

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