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Congratulations to all the 2011 graduates!!  From the businesswoman to the congressman to the Super Bowl champion...

NFL Defensive Player of the Year Troy Polamalu walked with his fellow Trojans today at the Shrine Auditorium as he earned his degree in History.

Here's a look at the USC grad with the most famous hairdo celebrating with his son and uncle Kennedy Pola courtesy of Paul Goldberg...

Troy Receiving Diploma.jpg


Right on Troy!! Congratulations

I can only say it again, THANK GOD for the website. They are unparrelled in their coverage of all Trojan sports unlike J. Moore who picks and chooses according to his daily whim. Where was the blog report on the womens water polo team making it to the NCAA championships again this year for the FOURTH time? No where to be seen in Moore's blog. I pray he leaves the blog. We need an unbiased reporter who covers it all, not just what appeals to him. His coverage of the NFL draft was spotty and inadequate. He fawns over certain aspects and completely ignores others! Get out!

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