Season Ticket Winners


Last month, we ran a season ticket contest on our Facebook page to find the biggest Trojan fans and reward them with VIP football seats.

If you don't remember, the task was to name the featured Trojans in the montage below. 

In all, we counted 58 featured Trojans.  Of the nearly 200 entrants, two diehards spotted 56 of the 58.  Since it was a tie, we awarded both USC fanatics VIP season tickets.

If you are curious, they both missed Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, while one contestant forgot Rod Sherman and the other could not find Pat Cashman.  In either case, we were blown away by how well you did.

Congratulations to the winners Tipa Alailima and Thomas Haire!!  Don't forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@USC_Athletics) as we're constantly giving away tickets and prizes.


Is there a list of the 58 Trojans featured?

Read your article is very happy.Thanks.

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