Locks of Love


Senior men's volleyball player Ian Wright intended to get his haircut before the season to keep with head coach Bill Ferguson's short hair policy, but it was not long enough.

Wright-Short.JPGMotivated by nothing but doing good for others, Wright grew his hair out in the offseason, so he could chop it off for "Locks of Love," a charitable organization that provides hairpieces for children suffering from baldness caused by a medical diagnosis.

In this case, Ferguson made an exception for an exceptional cause. 

Wright needed to get to the required length of 10 inches.  By the time the men's volleyball season hit the MPSF tournament, the 6'7" middle blocker had reached his goal. 

The neuroscience graduate (3.34 gpa) popped by Heritage Hall yesterday sporting a well-shorn look (picture to the right). 

Here's what he looked like before the trimming...



hope there are much more new progress

What a wonderful story! An athlete, a stellar student and a thoughtful sounds like Ian has a wonderful future ahead of him.

Thanks for sharing the story,

And the charity is a great one. I have several friends that have done this...

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