Director of Athletics' Chair Endowed

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On this graduation week, USC athletics is excited to announce that the Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics' Chair has been endowed.

Here are all the details...

The Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics' Chair at USC has been endowed in perpetuity by Chuck and Jessie Cale, USC Senior Vice President for University Advancement Albert R. Checcio announced today (May 12).

DSCN0928.JPGThe gift, the amount of which will remain private, is the largest endowment gift ever received by the USC athletic department.

"We are deeply grateful to Chuck and Jessie Cale for endowing this important position, which is at the very heart of our athletic program," said Checcio. "Their visionary support will ensure that USC Athletics continues to succeed at the highest levels in the world of intercollegiate athletics."

"All of us in the USC athletic department sincerely thank Chuck and Jessie Cale for their generosity," said USC Athletic Director Pat Haden, who will be the first holder of the Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics' Chair. "This landmark gift will not only positively impact all USC athletic directors in the years to come, but it will enable us to re-allocate resources and funds to much-needed areas such as student-athlete scholarships and recruiting.

"As we embark on a new era in USC Athletics, Chuck and Jessie's gift also is a significant step toward our goal of endowing every athletic scholarship, as well as every coaching and administrative position in the athletic department."

Said Cale: "My wife, Jessie, and I are thrilled to make this gift to endow the athletic director position at USC.  We believe that there could be no better first chairholder than Pat Haden, who embodies all that is outstanding in the concept of a student-athlete and of USC. 

"USC Athletics has provided thousands of opportunities for young student-athletes to excel in the classroom and on their field of competition.  With financial pressure on athletic departments nationally, it is imperative to endow athletic scholarships and programs so as to provide an on-going commitment to the future of USC Athletics."

Chuck Cale, an attorney who received a Masters of Law degree from the USC School of Law following a degree from the Stanford Law School, has held many prominent positions in the sports world.  He was the Group Vice President/Sports for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, the Assistant Chef de Mission for the United States Olympic team at the 1988 Seoul Games, the Director of the Delegation for the U.S. Olympic team at the 1992 Barcelona Games, the Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of World Cup USA 1994 and a Special Assistant and member of the Board of Directors of the United States Olympic Committee.  He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of NIKE, Inc.  He received the Gold Medal of Youth and Sports from the Republic of France in 1984.

Jessie Cale received her bachelor's degree from USC's School of Journalism.

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