Appeal News


Here is the official word from the USC athletic department regarding the appeal to the NCAA:

USC has received a response from the NCAA regarding our appeal of NCAA sanctions.  However, under NCAA rules, we cannot comment on this response until the NCAA releases the decision to the public tomorrow morning (May 26).


quick, invite thearon collier and james boyd back on the team! and recruit more skill players!

This is absolutely ridiculous! USC needs to take the NCAA to court! There is nothing to lose at this point. If nothing else, the NCAA must stand by their sanctions, and punish everyone else as well. Reggie Bush played in two bowl games, and thus, the reason for the two bowl game suspension. What do you say when your head coach (Ohio State) knowingly plays 4 or 5 ineligible players in a bowl game. Wow, it's going to be interesting what the NCAA will find as just and equitable punishment. Mostly, I feel terrible for the young men on the team. These players were literally in elementary school and junior high school when Bush played at SC. They are paying the price, and that is absolutely disgusting! This is one of the most un-American, unconstitutional, and unjust things I have ever seen. Fight on.

Article rich content, I'll reproduced my blog. Thank you!

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