Adewale's World


As another class of graduates heads out into the world, we sat down with a pair of accomplished student-athletes with amazing tales of triumph to tell.

Up first, former fullback Jody Adewale shares his story about rising out of the Boyle Heights projects by focusing on school and football. 

Hear him tell it...


This story makes me very proud to be a Trojan. Jody Adewale's story is not just uplifiting--more than that, it's so nice to see a person have a passion to serve those who are neglected. His accomplishments are great, but you can see that his future will be greater. I'd also like to give kudos to Jordan Moore and the RipsIt blog for showcasing a story like this. This is what being a Trojan is all about. THIS is why we are great.

There's a difference b/w 'hear' and 'here'. Please change the spelling. Reflects badly on the school.

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