Trojan Baby

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Former USC baseball star Ian Kennedy and Women of Troy hoopster Allison Jaskowiak Kennedy have added Nora Rose Kennedy to the Trojan Family.

Kennedy-Baby.jpgThe Kennedy's will have quite a story to tell baby Nora about her birthday. 

Allison delivered the newest Trojan on Easter Sunday and then Ian took the mound the next night for the Arizona Diamondbacks and tossed the first complete game shutout of his career.

"To do that, I get really emotional when I start thinking about it being the day after she was born," said Kennedy, who struck out 10 and didn't walk a batter. "I did it for my little Easter baby and for my wife who did it all.  She's a champ."

While that story is cool, this stat is even crazier.  Baby Nora was born at 2:04 a.m. on Sunday and Kennedy finished off the Phillies in exactly two hours and four minutes.

"I can't describe it to someone that's never experienced it," he said. "Some people didn't know if I would be ready to pitch today, but I knew I could do it."

The Trojans were married in 2007.

1 Comment

Well good for him, now he must dedicate time to his family because when you get married and have kids everything changes.

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