Coliseum Video Board


USC and the Coliseum will debut a new video board - 150 feet wide x 40 feet tall - this fall (during the season) as part of the ongoing effort to improve the fan experience at Trojan football games.

The 6,000 square foot screen on the west side of the stadium (opposite the peristyle end) will be parsed up into different segments showing live game action, replays, down and distances and other pertinent features. 

"The game day experience is of the utmost importance to us as we continue to make improvements along with our partners at the Coliseum," associate athletic director Jose Eskenazi said.  "We feel that we are making progress every day." 

The white hashes mark the width of the video board.


Finally! Modernization comes to the Coli. I hope it's better than that pathetic excuse for a videoboard they installed on the west side of the pressbox. That thing looked like it was purchased from the back of a van. Maybe we'll get new seats soon too?

This is awesome! Can't wait to see that on game day.

now i won't have to stare at the altos anymore

My question is why at the west end of the Coliseum? 20+% of the attendees won't be able to see it? the most optimum place is at the Peristyle.

Take down the 2 big speaker cabinets and that poor excuse of a video board and place the newer, bigger board at that end, with the speak boxes to the side. The west end doesn't make sense.

Thanks for the post and update. I almost fell out of my chair listening to ESPN! First and foremost, heartfelt prayers to Stafon and family.

I hope they install a decent media server to run it. Has anyone heard what the resolution is going to be on this thing? Are they going CMYK or RGB color mixing? I'd like more information about this.

It's great. I'm happy. But I remember going to games when there was just the down and distance on an Atari-2600 type display and being happy, because I was there to watch the Trojans. Great video is great. And it certainly helps update the experience, but what I remember about being at the 1988 UCLA game was that USC and Rodney Pete beat Troy Aikman and UCLA all while battling the measles... not that the video was bad.

Why even play the game, why don't they just give controllers to all fans and it can be a big video game.

Now we can see the confused look on Kiffen's face better.

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