Post-Game Incident


USC athletic director Pat Haden had this response to reports that there was a post-game incident involving head men's basketball coach Kevin O'Neill today:

"We have received some information tonight about an incident involving coach Kevin O'Neill, his wife and a fan from another school that occurred following our men's basketball game today.
"We are looking into this and gathering facts.  We will determine what appropriate action is necessary."


This is the KO we know and love... at least I do and the times we spent at Trident on Speedway in Tucson before we both got run out of town for being too awesome. As for the wifey, no surprise there... she would drink us under the table after every game.

Can we get Tim Floyd back now?

Once again USC staff displaying the same "class" they share with the school...

One man's trash is another man's USC Basketball Head Coach.

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuum lomfl

O'Neill and Kiffin need to have a douche off. It could be judged by Chad Michael Murray.

Ha, the Zona trolls are in full effect. The classless cactus Cat is Paul Weitman, Royal Auto Group, Tucson. Yep, a car peddler. Perfect fit for a Zona alum.

If any Trojans fans see Paul at the game tonight, be sure to say greet him.

Alcoholism is a disease that apparently is ruining an otherwise capable coach.

Attacking some U of A booster who happens to sell autos really is missing the point.

I can tell you this is right in line with what my dad, son, and I experienced Thursday afternoon. We saw KO at the Wolfgang puck patio at LA Live around 4:30pm and walked over to congratulate him on the win. He was visibly drunk at that point, and upon hearing we were Ucla fans, said "F--- you Ucla". Totally classless in front of my 10 year old son.

Kevin O'Neill was involved in a cover up in 1990 when he coached Marquette. One of his players jumped me and hosptitalized me for 2 days. O'Neill suggested they turn it around to make me look like a racist who instigated the fight. Thanks to him I almost got suspended while his players got away scot free. It's no surprise he's in trouble again.

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