Morning Papers (3/8/11)

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USC's hoops heroes are collecting postseason honors...

Gemelos carried the Women of Troy last Sunday.  (Photo by Pierson Clair)

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Armond Armstead has the skill set of a dynamic 07' NY Giants type DT - please utilize him inside and not at end. For these reasons-
-He is very quick and athletic for a DT, whereas these abilities are average at end.
-He penetrates and makes plays against the run and pressures the qb inside; at end is inept defending the flat (vs an opt. qb, outside run, swing pass, etc.), and brings far less a pass rush than the other quicker, younger players on the team.
-Teamed with Perry at end, another veteran inside and a highly athletic end opposite of Perry (perhaps Kennard), then the d-line would closely resemble the 07' Giants. Having a big-n-strong vs. a quick, athletic d-line goes against recent coventional knowlege - C. Carlisle emphasized this and Carroll implemented it (a la S. Cody going inside, C. Matthews to end, Groots from S to Olb). Fight On.

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