Men's Basketball Awards

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On his way out, USC junior Nikola Vucevic collected some hardware to fill his trophy case at the men's hoops annual gala Tuesday night.

Here is the full list led by Vucevic, the team MVP...

Sam Barry Award (MVP) - Nikola Vucevic

Bill Sharman Award (Best Free Throw %) - Donte Smith

Dr. James Zumberge Award (Top GPA) - Eric Strangis

John Rudometkin Award (110% Effort) - Marcus Simmons

Tom Kimmel Award (6th Man) - Maurice Jones

Ernie Holbrook Award (Most Inspirational) - Jio Fontan

Forrest F. Twogood Award (Best Defensive Player) - Marcus Simmons

The Harold Jones Award (Most Improved) - Donte Smith

Bob Boyd Award (Top Rebounder) - Nikola Vucevic

Ryan Francis Scholarship Award (Best Trojan) - Alex Stepheson

Here is a look at the celebratory banquet as documented by Pierson Clair...

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