A Full Slate

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Written by USC blog contributor David Caple

For most of the student body, the task of completing schoolwork and having a social life is tough enough without participating in varsity athletics. For freshman pole-vaulter Kevin Schwindt, schoolwork and sports are only the tip of the iceberg.

Scwindt.jpegKevin, an electrical engineering major, is also a first year cadet in USC's Air Force ROTC program. His ambition is to be a fighter pilot like his father and he relishes his leadership position in the student body.

"I want to follow in my dad's footsteps, but I've kind of developed my own vision now," Kevin said referring to his ambitions as a fighter pilot.

He was accepted to the Air Force Academy but said that he wanted to enjoy the college experience at USC.

He'll have no trouble keeping busy.  Besides ROTC and track and field, Schwindt founded a USC chapter of the National Organization of Business and Engineering (NOBE).

On the track team, Kevin has begun to feel the spirit of Troy. "Everyone is pumped on the team and the coaches are really enthusiastic. The team spirit is incredible."

In his first meet at Claremont McKenna on February 26, Kevin equaled his career best, "I was really confident during the meet and I've set a goal to make the Pac 10's this year."

Kevin is scheduled to compete at Cal State Fullerton this week but will have to miss one of Air Force ROTC's biggest spring events, the Southern California Invitational Drill Meet. "Saturday's used to be my day off during the season but now it just means less fun time."

With so many things to juggle, some of the most basic needs can be hard to squeeze in, "I'm usually late to my math class because it's the only time I can eat."

1 Comment

Hi Kevin, your dad sent me the link to this article.
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but if anyone can do it, you can!

God bless you in all you do and when you get back to Col. Springs, come on by for a Muscle Activation tune up!

Take care
Brad Carlson

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