Notice of Allegations


USC received a notice of allegations from the NCAA regarding Lane Kiffin's tenure as head football coach at the University of Tennessee.

Kiff-USC.jpg"We have received from the NCAA a notice of allegations against Lane Kiffin pertaining to his tenure as the head football coach at Tennessee," said athletic director Pat Haden.  "The NCAA enforcement process provides for Tennessee and Lane to address those charges.  Until that process is completed, it would be unfair and premature for me or USC to comment on this matter."

However, Haden can speak to Kiffin's culture of compliance since taking over at Troy.

"However, I will say this: Since his return to USC last year as our head football coach, Lane has been vigilant in making sure he and the football program follow the NCAA's rules and compete the right way," Haden continued.  "Lane has my support as our head football coach."

Kiffin cannot comment on the specifics at this time.

"We have received the notice of allegations," Lane Kiffin said.  "On the advice of my legal counsel, we cannot comment other than to say we look forward to working through the process with the NCAA."


You have my support coach!

Lets have a good spring practice!

V Fight on! V

Soon Haden will have grounds to hire this jerk!

Lane was only there for 1 year, yet Tenn is being investigated for baseball, basketball, and football. Lane might be the comforting scapegoat for Vols fans, but U Tenn has a culture of cheating that permeates their campus. How their AD Hamilton still retains his job is beyond me. Death penalty light for lack of institutional control heading to Knoxville?

Once a cheat, always a cheat. Fire Kiffin now or pay the price later.

Troy S is dead on! Seriously, can anyone picture this guy leading us to a championship? He does not have nor will he ever have the character, integrity and patience of a winner. He is a stone in our shoe, a reminder of Mike Garrett's arrogance and ignorance. We will never succeed with him. We need a fresh start. Someone with the character of a champion that we can build our program around ... Lane Kiffin ain't it!

Pat Haden should be careful backing this guy. It's only a matter of time before Kiffin goes down. If Haden's lucky he may only have to eat crow, if not, he'll go down with him. Is Kiffin really worth supporting? I don't think so.

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