Getting Equipped


As the transition continues from the 2010 football season to 2011 spring football, the equipment managers are busy repairing the Trojans' armor and getting the young gladiators geared up for the helmet smashing to come.

We were given a behind-the-scenes look at the process by the director of equipment operations Dave Scott (better known by those in the know as "Pops").
Holmes-Helmet.JPGIn the picture to the right, you can see OL Khaled Holmes' helmet, which is all scuffed up after a season of going nose-to-nose with defensive linemen. 

Holmes' lid is one of many being shipped back to the manufacturer to get fixed and polished up for the upcoming season.

You can see all the bruised helmets in the barrel below.

In the final picture, check out the flashy new lids as the early entrants picked out their first ever Trojan head gear. 

The spring recruits were in the equipment room getting sized up and comfortable in the cardinal and gold before practice begins in March.

(Photos by Rich Rodriguez)


New Helmets.JPG


Seems like there are still new charges to be concerned about. The danger of the appeal process, is that it gives the NCAA a chance to increase the previously announced penalties.

Former USC quarterback Mitch Mustain arrested on suspicion of selling drugs
Mustain, who was booked on felony charges, allegedly tried to sell the drugs to an undercover police officer.

Jeff Bray, the father of Tennessee quarterback recruit Tyler Bray, said Orgeron made a pitch to several recruits gathered in a room over speakerphone, and that he offered USC scholarships to some players, according to the report.
"He didn't think it was very cool," Jeff Bray said, describing Tyler's reaction to the pitch. "You're in the middle of all this turmoil and they're trying to pull players."

Meanwhile, Knoxville TV station WATE reported that during Lane Kiffin's farewell address to his Tennessee team, several people, including Tennessee players and members of the University's Athletic staff could hear Ed Orgeron in the background, making calls to committed recruits, including players set to enroll at the university the following morning as Spring Admits, telling them not to enroll (keeping them uncommitted to UT) and advising then that they had scholarship offers from USC.

Joe McKnight was under investigation after it was discovered that he had been driving a 2006 Land Rover registered to and owned by local businessman Scott Schenter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

When asked about the vehicle, McKnight denied ever driving the vehicle and claimed that the 2006 Land Rover was, “my BABY MAMA'S BOSS.”

Mustain, 22, was arrested Tuesday at 8:10 p.m. and was booked on the felony charge at the West Valley-area station, said Los Angeles police officials. As of late Wednesday, he was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Why don't you people take your negativity to the Bruin websites? After all, there are lots of negative things to talk about over there, such as their horrible recruiting class. As for the story, thanks for showing us some behind the scenes photos. Keep up the good work.

The previous 6 posts to this article appear to be from either the same person, or from a group of embittered TN fans, who decided to post nearly the sme time.

As long as I've been perusing this website, I have not seen this many posts within 27 minutes...

Sounds like the TN Vols fans are still crying about Kiffin leaving their beloved university for SC. Heck, it’s not about SC, but about how the folks in Knoxville actually think that the Vols football program has any merit…. Geez folks, get over it already and move to support your current team and coaching staff. Stop it with the negative vibes already; however, @Shutout has a point. Go harrass UCLA's website. Heck, Neuheisal can't even hired a DC in 3 months.... And SPring ball is around the corner. Hundley, the Bruins' gratuitous gift from the recruiting gods (must've felt sorry for Dan Guerrero & Rick N) has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Good luck kid. You'll need it.

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