Dads and Daughters

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The women's basketball team has a huge homestand this week as they continue their bid to return to the NCAA tournament.

On Friday at 7 p.m., the Women of Troy will host #3 Stanford at Galen Center.

And then on Sunday at 2 p.m., USC will welcome Cal as part of our annual "Dads and Daughters Day."

As part of the package, you will receive two tickets, two food vouchers, souvenir photo and frame, a mini basketball and much more. 

Take this opportunity for some father/daughter bonding and cheer the Women of Troy on to victory.


1 Comment

My daughter was very disappointed as I with the Dad and Daughter day this year. We started by standing in line for pictures which was way too long of lines and time for pictures. We left the picture line before getting pictures as we had already missed the better half of the first half! We watched the rest until half time. Went back and stood in line again and missed 8 minutes of the second half. After pictures my daughter, who is a real basketball fan, was very frustrated we had missed so much of the game. After the pictures, she opted not to stand in the long lines for food fearing she would miss too much more of the game. We did not get to eat. I have that ticket in front of me as I write this note. While we were in line for autographs the food lines closed. My daughter and I came to see a game and enjoy our time together. I feel that did not happen. Majority of our time was standing in lines like Disneyland. I talked with the folks running the program there at the tables, I suggested more one picture taker. Maybe even group pixs to help speed things along. I for one would have been happy with any picture with my daughter and I in it and we got to see the game. I am not just a complainer, I played pro baseball and was a 27 year football season ticket holder with a friend. My friend died and you did not let me have our tickets as they were in his name. My little girl loves basketball and was very upset she missed so much of the game and she so enjoyed what little she got to see. The father-daughter game should be reviewed with changes to help keep us from standing in lines and not seeing the game. I would very much like a response to my note. I heard many other parents comments also. I hope you appreciate my feedback and do not let it go unanswered. Good feedback makes events more fun for everyone!
very Disappointed,
Mike (Dad) Kylee (Daughter) Ruddell

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