Class of 2011: Cody Temple

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As they send in their letters-of-intent, we reveal the OFFICIAL members of this year's USC football recruiting class.

cody-temple.jpgName: Cody Temple

Position: OL

Size: 6'2", 280 lbs.

Hometown (HS): Bakersfield (Liberty)

Rivals Ranking: (3-stars)

Coach's Quote: "The central fact about building an offensive line is that you build it from the inside out, which is the center position.  We want to find guys that are smart and tough and he is both.  He's going to be much in the mold of Ryan Kalil."

-- John Baxter, Associate Head Coach

Highlight film: Click here to see Temple in action!

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1 Comment

dang cody ur a monster.
i didnt kno u would be this good e=when we were knocking the crap out of eachother in grade school. good luck big dawg. Mario lopez

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