Statement on USC's NCAA Appeal


USC's delegation met with the NCAA today in Indianapolis to appeal the sanctions that were handed down against the athletic department in 2010.

Here is the official statement:

A delegation from the University of Southern California today presented the university's position on the sanctions levied on the football program by the NCAA last year.

The USC delegation consisted of President C. L. Max Nikias, Director of Athletics Pat Haden, Senior Vice President for Administration Todd Dickey, General Counsel Carol Mauch Amir, Vice President for Athletics Compliance Dave Roberts, and outside counsel William King, III of Lightfoot, Franklin & White, L.L.C.

The hearing took place the morning of Saturday, Jan. 22 at a Westin Hotel near NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. President Nikias made an opening statement. AD Pat Haden delivered a closing statement. The university's legal team presented the case for reduced sanctions.

The delegation and the university community look forward to the decision of the Infractions Appeals Committee. Until that time, the delegation will have no further comment.

Haden (center) and Nikias (right) are hoping to reduce the penalties facing the football program.
(Photo by Jon SooHoo)
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Good luck to the leagl team, Pat Haden and Max Nikias. We all kjnow you've done your best to present our case to the NCAA. Now let's hope that there's someone folks over there that actually are reasonable and prudent folks, and that they know and have understood for 6+ months the harshness and overreaching burden of the penalties metted out by the COI in June.

This is the time for the NCAA to show the sporting world that when they make a mistake, they step up to the plate and resolve the issue with fairness and forthought, not biased, error-prone emotional decision making.

Fight On brothers and sisters!

NCAA are a bunch of chumps.
All in!

Lane and Ogeron may have done some stuff at Tennessee, but Pete didn't know nothing about Reggie's parents house. NCAA are idiots!

It wasn't McKnight's SUV. He said it was his "Baby Mama's". Why are we being penalized for that?

Fight On

Baxter was talking to friends at other universities when he got the idea to fabricate a story that Washington, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and Fresno St. had contacted him about transferring. This prompted USC's lameduck athletic director, Mike Garrett, to reprimand the five schools for improper contact. It's not clear what Baxter was trying to accomplish by lying.

Ed Orgeron, an assistant coach following Lane Kiffin from Tennessee to USC, admitted to calling Volunteers recruits Tuesday after he learned he would be heading to Southern California, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"Yes, I did call recruits to clear up any questions they had," Orgeron said, according to the report."

Orgeron would not say which players he contacted, how many he contacted or whether he had offered them scholarships to USC, according to the report. He also refused to say whether he told recruits planning to enroll early at Tennessee not to attend their first classes this week in order to avoid transfer rules.


Fight On

How many scholarships are we allowed this year?

Everyone tells me that our depth will become a real problem in the 2nd and 3rd years, with these scholarship reductions.

I've been told that all of Kiffin and Ed's misdeeds at Tennessee will affect our appeal.

NCAA is going to let us off. They screwed up big time with their Cam Newton ruling, and now they have no choice but to give us a break. Thank you Cam!

We ain't done anything. NCAA is a bunch of weenies.

As a result of the violations – which mainly centered on Heisman Trophy-winning running back Reggie Bush and basketball star O.J. Mayo – the NCAA’s probe resulted in USC being hit with multiple penalties. Among them:

• A postseason ban in football following the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

• A loss of 30 total football scholarships over the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Question is how many recruits can we sign this year? Haven't we already signed 25 recruits?

Coach K isn't that concerned about the NCAA penalties, anyway. He does what he wants to do.

Who cares what the NCAA says anyway

I think Coach Kiffin knows a way to get around all of the recruiting reductions. We've already signed 25!

Hi Robert,
We have only signed 16 this year (2011). The other 9 are January enrollees, which count to the 2010 class. We had 10 spots available for January and used up 9. That was great work by Kiffin and staff!

The offer we made to the NCAA is a one year bowl ban with 15 less scholarships over a three year period (5 per year or a 20 scholarship limit). We took a voluntary bowl ban last year as the sanctions do not go into effect until after the appeal has completed. So we are shooting for 20 and we are currently at 16 leaving 4 more open slots.

The fact that we can bring in this large a class while keeping with the sanctions is due to Pete's under sized classes of the past few years. That turns out to be serendipitous after all.

As for the other comments; the appeal is only about the fact finding and procedures revolving around Reggie and Todd. In particular the dubious evidence accepted by the LOI committee and the breaking of NCAA procedure when excluding USC from key hearings where testimony was given as well as the sanctions not in keeping with precedence before and after their decision.

It will be interesting to see how the NCAA decides to handle this case as it will have many repercussions.

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