Poll: USC's NCAA Appeal


USC's appeal to the NCAA will be heard Saturday, but we do not expect to know the results for quite awhile.

However, we want to hear what you think will happen.


Cam Newton's father will look to make money off this somehow.

I'm confident that 'SC will get scholarships back but the bowl ban might stay. Of course if I had to to decide on what I needed between bowl ban and scholarships, I'll take the scholarships. But 'SC is getting something out of this appeal.

V Fight on! V

Well, whatever we and the sporting world may think is reasonable, the NCAA has proven this year they are not a reasonable nor fair-minded tntity, which will ultimately lead to their demise.

With that said, the fair and reasonable test is:
1. reduce the scholarships to only 4. 2 for each student athlete who played while ineligible, and since Reggie played 2 years as an ineligible player, that is the 4.

1.A. The reduced scholarship players who were let out of their LOI and those who left the program due to the "free agancy" staus for Juniors and Seniors, shall complete the reduced schollie issue. The 2011 season starts with a full load of schollies.

2. Keep the bowl ban to 2 years, as noted with the above reference to Reggie's status.

3. Allow SC to open up practices to the community at large and the sidelines during games, and to allow SC to continue it's community awareness programs that were started by Pete Carroll. It should be up to Coach Kiffin & Pat Haden/JK McKay to decide what to do with that oppty from now on, not the NCAA.

The forfeited games and 2005 NC wins will most likely stay, and Reggie's USC legacy will remain tainted.

Honestly though, no matter how much we wish for the NCAA Appeals Committee to act in a reasonable manner, they are not going to counter much of COI enforced penalties. Brother against brother sin't going to happen, so help me SEC/Big 10.

Let's just continue to "fight on" no matter what happens. The collegiate football world knows what we're going through, though the hateful fans are just that... hateful, jealous and spiteful. Wait till this turns around on them.
The NCAA must go after Cam Newton and the Big 10's Fab 5 sooner or later, as the FBI is involved.
So, where did Cecil Newton get the money to fund the rebuild of his church,as discovered by the FBI, with contracts already signed with 2 construction firms in the DC area. Hmmm. Somehting's "Newton" in Denmark.

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