Back to School


As USC students look around their classrooms this spring, they may double take on a few famous faces.

Former Trojan gridiron stars Troy Polamalu, Keith Rivers, Fred Matua, Kaluka Maiava and Lawrence Miles are back in Los Angeles to earn their USC diplomas.

"We've stressed from the time that our student-athletes were recruited that their primary objective when they come to the University of Southern California is for each of them to earn their degrees," said Magdi El Shahawy, Senior Associate Athletic Director in charge of Student-Athlete Academic Services.

Once he returns from the Super Bowl, Polamalu will look to finish his credits towards a History major.

"It's a strong statement when guys like Troy Polamalu and Keith Rivers come back to finish his degree because it says to each of our student-athletes that graduating from USC is a commitment to finishing what you start and that earning your degree is something that no one can ever take away from you," El Shahawy said.

Yesterday, we sat down with Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers, who is a few credits shy of a degree in Public Policy Development and Planning.


Way to go, guys.

Now that's the right way to be a role model. Big thumbs up.

I graduated with Kieth in 2008 from SPPD, i thought he was all finished and figured this blog post would say that he was going back to grad school. Oh well, regardless, good to hear that these men even with multi-million dollar contracts are still placing an emphasis on education.

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