3-Points: Oregon Prep

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In case you missed it, click here for the Matthew Knight Arena exclusive photo tour!

  • The game is second to the spectacle tonight for the Oregon faithful.  Despite the Ducks 0-4 Pac-10 start, "The Pit" will be fired up for the opening of their new palace.  While "The Matt" will be a road coffin for most visitors, the Trojans trained for nights like tonight by traveling to Kansas and Tennessee.  "I think it's imperative that you get your team ready to play in front of hostile environments," Kevin O'Neill said.  "Hopefully, that will help us tonight."
  • While the hoopla surrounding the game is sure to be a distraction, O'Neill wants his players focused on the Ducks.  "We're not playing the crowd; we're playing the team that's in it and that's a pretty good team," O'Neill said.  "Our guys have had great energy, great focus, great attention to detail.  Hopefully, we can continue to play solid basketball and get a win on the road."
  • While Marcus Simmons admitted being thrown off by the tree design on the court, O'Neill's only grievance is the lack of a clear line denoting mid-court.  "I'm not going to have to be making the call," O'Neill said about potentially controversial back court violations.  "The officials, that's going to be a hard call.  That line needs to be green going across there to be honest with you, but it's not."
The mid-court line is hard to spot even up close.  (Photo by Jordan Moore)

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