Dillon Baxter to Miss Oregon State Game


Here is USC head coach Lane Kiffin talking about today's practice and traveling to Corvallis without freshman RB Dillon Baxter...


Are you kidding? Wow, I thought that Kiff was joking. How in the world did a student wannabe sports agent get a golf cart on campus? OMG, we are going to have to lock down the campus and conduct TSA airport level screening just to access campus. Thanks NCAA!

Jordan, you and whoever else is behind this site deserve a huge thanks from Trojan Nation. As a diehard Trojan, perhaps you suffered along with me from the barrage of rumors and mis-characterizations that USC was assaulted with during the Bush investigation. For whatever reason, the old regime refused to attempt to drive the narrative, or even correct misinterpretation from the national MSM, via proactive PR initiatives. This ostrich head-in-the-sand approach to PR enabled our enemies and competitors to tarnish and damage our great university.

Thank you so much for the the excellent job that you do on this site by releasing timely and accurate information to the public. It is a tremendous step forward for USC in managing media relations in the 21st century. You do an outstanding job, Jordan. It does not go unnoticed by the Trojan family away from campus.

If guilty, the student wannabe sports agent should be expelled for perpetrating such an egregious and selfish act against Dillion, the Team, the University and the Trojan Nation. It is time to enact some laws with stiff penalties for dealing with the offenders.

Some good hiring the former head of the FBI did us. The NCAA expects that agents from the Freeh Group should have neutralized that golf cart before Baxter had a chance to step onto it. Maybe we need to up our satellite surveillance capabilities of our student athletes, their friends, their family members, and everyone who has ever talked about becoming a sports agent. Heil, NCAA!!

Why is Baxter Dillon always in the center of controversy ?
Is it the water in San Diego ? He seems to find more ways to not play in football games. Maybe we should find a way to separate SC from him ???

Baxter should probably just transfer if he's not gonna play for having a random dude approach him. If he went to other schools, he would be fine making friends with fellow schoolmates. While other players in other school receive money and only get a couple games suspension. I feel bad for someone who worked their butts off to play a game, then get suspended for something totally out of his control.

I think it's time for Baxter to go. He's been nothing but trouble since he arrived

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