USC 48, Cal 14


10 thoughts on a nearly perfect 10 performance...

  • What was the worst play of the first half?  A couple penalties maybe.  The Trojans played as well for 30 minutes as they have played in years.  For a team that has struggled finishing the last two weeks, they got it over with quickly today.
  • Robert Woods did not play defense, but he sure played offense.  He is the top freshman receiver in the nation and he's starting to make a Mike Williams-type impact on the USC offense.  Although as Lane Kiffin pointed out, Williams went through growing pains during a seven-drop performance at Kansas State.  Woods' learning curve has been exceptionally fast with a zero catch day against UW as the only hint of struggle.  "He's done great every time we have given him the ball," Lane Kiffin blamed himself for Woods not making this kind of impact sooner.
  • With Kiffin's blessing, Shareece Wright spoke to the defense in a players-only meeting earlier this week.  Obviously, the message got through.  "I feel like it made a difference," the senior captain said.  "This is how good we are.  We've got to know it.  We've got to believe it.  Every week it should feel like this."
  • In his first start at "Will" linebacker, Chris Galippo led the team in tackles.  While the team defensive success is the story of the week, Galippo's personal growth is worth acknowledging.  He broke down mentally in the face of adversity last season, but he handled last week's mishap like a pro.  "It's the maturity level of our defense being able to step up and rebound after the last two weeks and really make a statement," Galippo deflected attention away from his accomplishments.  "Finally, we played as one unit and got the job done."
  • DaJohn "Juicy" Harris made the defensive play of the day.  I'll let him handle the play-by-play.  "I saw the quarterback's eyes and I jumped it and then I tried to score," Harris broke it down.  "I saw like a two- or three-foot gap between the quarterback and the sideline and I tried to squeeze through.  I tried to tippy-toe it, but my balance took me out of bounds."  While he won't be moved to DB anytime soon, "Juicy" showed some pretty good hands for a big fella.
  • As we talked about leading up to the game, Cal's offense was a good matchup for a Trojan defense that needed a boost.  Kevin Riley sat back in the pocket waiting for the USC defensive ends to greet him.  Jeff Tedford's scheme was vanilla at best, trying to overpower the Trojans to no avail.  Comparing this performance to last week's, Kiffin said, "We did run into the first pick of the draft [Andrew Luck].  That's part of it too."
  • And now the bad news, C.J. Gable "blew his knee out," according to Kiffin.  "I think he's done unfortunately."  He'll have tests done this week to evaluate the extent of the injury.  Kiffin praised Gable as "a great kid," who will earn his degree this year.  On the field, he had his best game of the season with 72 yards rushing.  With Dillon Baxter out as well, the running back pool is extremely shallow.  Marc Tyler and Allen Bradford are it for the moment.
  • Unless you count David Ausberry.  The big senior had his best day since the Hawaii opener.  If you sculpted a target receiver, he would look like Ausberry.  When he uses his physicality, he provides a missing ingredient to the Trojan offense, which relies on the speed of Ronald Johnson and Woods.  As for his late game Brandon Jacobs impression, "If the coaches put me somewhere, I'll do what they tell me to do," Ausberry said of his two carries for 14 yards.
  • The "Trojan Horse" works.  USC's version of the Wildcat was successful yet again with Marc Tyler taking direct snaps and mostly running power plays off tackle.  "It's a simple play, but it gives me a chance to see where everybody is going and find the hole.  You have to have good vision," Tyler explained.  "It's fun!"
  • Matt Barkley tied the single-game touchdown pass record in the first half.  The sophomore had a chance to stand alone, but he had his wristband with all the plays on it ripped off on the drive that was marred by delay of game penalties.  "That series looked horrible, which it was," Kiffin said.  The coach admitted that he wanted #7 to get TD #6.  Here's Barkley on his superb afternoon...


Jordan, can you post or link to the official game stats? The stats that include the D stats too? Thanks man and fight on!

Is Barkley coached for pressers? His answers were perfect!

What about Joe Houston- going 6 for 6 in XPM and hitting both FG attempts? Great game all around!

Oh happy day! Thank you Kiffins. Even the slightly modified/simplified defense was more than up to the task today. Blitzing once again seems to be part of the Trojan defensive scheme. Welcome back Chris Galippo, we missed you.

Kiffin, could you please smile or atleast a fist pump...

Defense played awesome...blitz seem to work. Offensee...keep scoring, scoring, scoring to take the pressure off the D. Fight On!


Looking forward to a defining moment of this season on October 30th.


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