So you want to be a football player?  Listen to the sound of Shareece Wright's hit on Saturday night against a UW receiver...

He was penalized on the play for targeting, which is a newly emphasized rule this season.  The definition: "No player shall target and initiate contact against an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet. When in question, it is a foul."


no, this was shoulder-to-shoulder, hello. Is hard hitting becoming a penalty? So now the defense has to 'soften' the blows...?

I am sick of the stupid new penalties like "targeting". They are far to subjective for NCAA officials to call objectively. Pete Carroll couldn't say it but I can...USC gets called for more personal foul calls than any other school because they play and hit harder and because officials simply don't like them.

Wow. They can't beat a mediocre UW team? No killer instinct obviously. It's time to resurrect some old tapes of Marv Goux chewing some ass. No one could fire up a team like Coach
Goux. Looking at the schedule, it's highly unlikely they're going to win another game. It's going to be another bloodbath in Palo Alto. I have an about pulling out a DVD of last year's embarassing loss to the Trees and burning the image of their smug, douchebag of a coach into the mind of every Trojan player. Come on SC, show some pride!

Right On Robert! I've been a Trojan for over 40 years and I'm SICK of the biased officiating!
I don't like cheap shots any more than anyone else, but that was a good hit PERIOD
Just like Mays' hit in the RB.
Football has just turned into basketball on grass. Receivers get to push off all the time but let a DB touch him and they’re whining Pu**ies.
All the so called offensive records mean NOTHING the way the game is today.
BTW the coaches need to let the defense play. Those stupid three man rushes NEVER work.
You could see them Sat all confused by the shifts and trying to line up. We have the athletes, turn them loose!

I've looked at that hit a few times and it was definitely NOT A FOUL but rather a really good hit. Perhaps the ref was the one targeting Shareece Wright for a bogus call. Refs should be the ones reprimanded for those calls or USC will be penalized into playing touch football.

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