Stanford Wednesday Practice: Notes


Kicking is becoming a serious issue...

  • Joe Houston and Jacob Harfman combined to go 0 for 6 in this evening's live kicking competition.  The field goal attempts were between 35 and 40 yards.  I'm not sure Lane Kiffin is kidding anymore when he says that he's contemplating not kicking in games.
  • Stanley Havili wore a gold no-contact jersey, which is against his nature.  "I want to play Saturday, so if I have to wear this out here during the week to play Saturdays than I'm going to wear it to play Saturdays," Havili said.
  • Havili's shoulder has become a chronic problem and according to Kiffin, it led to a missed block on the final offensive drive against Washington.  Havili won't make that excuse, "That was my fault.  I honestly could not feel my shoulder, but that was more so about who I had to block at that time."
  • Havili acknowledges that Stanford is a physical team, but he is not conceding that matchup.  "Our defense is not going to be taking any blows," the captain said.  "They are going to be giving them out just like we are too.  We are ready to play physical with them."
  • "The style that they are playing is exactly the style that we hope to play," Kiffin said of Jim Harbaugh's team.  "They don't make many mistakes and they are very physical."  To that end, the head coach amped up the hitting in what he called "the most physical practice since the Spring."
  • Last year, Stanford's gameplan was no secret.  They ran "Power" 38 times by one unofficial count, which actually made Malcolm Smith laugh when he heard the stat.  "That's sobering," Smith said.  "When they run a play 38 times, you are obviously doing something wrong.  I think we got that fixed and we're ready to go."
  • "I feel like it's a big challenge for me," DT Jurrell Casey said of Stanford's plan to run it right at him.  "I just have to be stout and play a big, physical game."
  • How many times has the word physical been used this week?  Obviously, the Trojans are preparing for a battle, but can this depleted roster absorb punishment?  "After that game last year, we were all sore and bruised," Casey said.  "You just have to go to rehab and ice and make sure your body is healthy."
  • The defense won "Turnover Wednesday."  Torin Harris picked off Matt Barkley and David Ausberry coughed up a fumble.
  • However, one of the biggest hits of practice came from freshman RB Dillon Baxter.  He got rough with LB Chris Galippo on a blitz pick-up, which is a positive sign that the rookie has the chops to get tough with a veteran.
  • Due to the wet weather, practice was moved to Cromwell Field, which is a turf surface.  Scroll down to the post below to see some pictures.
  • Here is Lane Kiffin answering questions about how PHYSICAL Stanford is...


Why don't we ask the best legs on the girl's soccer team to try out for FG kicker? I'm not even joking. She would quickly become a local celebrity and a natl hero for girls. No bowl game this season, so why not?

Yeah, great press when some 250 pound guy clobbers her and send her to the emergency room!

The fact that we could probably find a better kicker on the girls soccer team just makes the decision by Kiffin to hire Coach Baxter and the offer to Andre Heidari that much better!

We know there is an end in sight to this even though it won't come this year.

Sy, your scenario would result in a Roughing the Kicker penalty and an automatic first down. There is a silver lining there.

They should start the Freshman kicker #46 Craig McMahon. He will gain experience this year and be ready for next year. I have seen him kick against the best in the nation last year and I was very impressed.

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