Photo Galleries: USC vs. Washington


Check out all the exclusive Jon SooHoo photos from the Trojans tough loss to the Huskies.

The first gallery is pregame and the second is the game.


Trojans, Can we please declare the "Barkley" experiment over, please? All we needed is just one of two easy passes made and Barely missed both of them with over throws.

Dude, don't burn Barkley for the loss. Football is the ultimate American team sport, and it's a team win or a team loss. As Pete Carroll used to tell the team in the locker room at half time... :do you win the game in the 1st quarter? NO! Do you win the game in the 2nd quarter? NO! Do you win the game in the 3rd quarter? NO! Do you win the game in the 4th quarter? YES! and a resounding Hell Yes!".
The team did not win the game in the 4th quarter.....
Next time, eh?
Fight on, Beat the Cardinal.

With all due respect to our coaches, players and staff, I would like to point out that the linebackers and the secondary units must improve not just to a more aggressive football but to a more assertive one.
Fight On!!

The reason we blew the 4th quarter, is we stopped running Bradford when it mattered. He was unstoppable, Wash. couldn't stop him all night. Then we get down to our final 3 down and 4 and we rely on Barkley to complete a pass, when Bradford could have easily stretched for 4 yards. I blame the play calling for this loss.... oh and our kicker who can't hit the broad side of a barn. Just my two cents.

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