Lane Kiffin Stanford Q&A


Lane Kiffin sat down with me today and took questions on the Washington loss and the upcoming challenge at Stanford.


Actually that round was a round that went mano a mano. both teams went down both got up yet for the first time a team was good enough to steal a round.
Yeah Kiffin, To win the fight all you need is to win 7 rounds, I hope that's not what you meant.

Also Kiffin, up until that comment about knowing your defense was not going to stop them, I feel that is such a big no no, you never want your team to think you don't believe in them. Even when it does not look good; a tipped ball, a bad pass, a fumble or a poor hand off could be right around the corner, yet you never ever say "I knew my team was not going to stop them" because you don't know. I think you owe your defense an apology.

I agree, the defense isn't the ones having the bad games, its the play calling. That god awful tampa 2 that only works in the pro's or with pocket passers. I couldn't even count how many 3 and longs we had on Wash. then we let them out of the cellar. Please change the defensive scheme or get rid of Dad.
FYI Jordan, Bradford never sizzled out that game, he was hot the whole time. The one time he was stopped, he still got 4 yards. 4 yards the same amount of yards needed for the the final drive and converting that 3rd and 4.
If Bradford has a similiar game next week against Stanford I believe we have a chance he just needs to keep getting fed the ball.

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