Haden on SI Agent Story


Yesterday, Sports Illustrated published a report on agents paying college athletes.

Here is USC athletic director Pat Haden's reaction to the SI confessional by agent Josh Luchs, who claims to have given money to 30 former college football players, including several former Trojans.
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"This is another example of the insidiousness of unscrupulous agents and why it is important that USC and all schools be especially vigilant to the misdeeds of outsiders." 

"At USC, in light of the NCAA penalties we've received due to the Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo situations, we have already stepped up our NCAA compliance efforts drastically in terms of education and enforcement, and we plan to continue to strengthen those efforts." 

"Additionally, we plan on taking a leadership role with the NCAA, Pac-10 and other organizations in developing better methods to combat the destructive work being done by agents who work outside the system."


That's not what I got from the article. The players are just as culpable. They're adults. And the NCAA is culpable. If the system in place allows for cheating to acquire wealth, a certain amount of people with do so. Look at Wall Street and bankers with the whole sub-prime meltdown. If there's incentive to cheat, some people will.

With Pat's leadership and comittment to excellence and creating a culture of winning and championship's ....but not at any cost...the TROJAN's are in good hands. Steady at the helm Pat!!

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