Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...


You never know what you'll find walking amidst the Heismans and championships in Heritage Hall. 

Last week, Taylor Mays was back to mingle with his Trojan Family.

Today, six members of the Sydney Swans, a professional Australian Rules football team, were getting the guided tour from USC senior associate athletic director Mark Jackson. 

The players are "on holiday" in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but they wanted to take some time to learn more about how a big time college program does it in the States.

"The guys' heads are spinning," said midfielder Jude Bolton (pictured) after walking out of the
Trojans' offensive meeting.  "It was amazing how much those guys have to take in for each session, but also how specialized everything is."

The big difference between Aussie rules and American football is that it is a "360 degree game" Down Under.  "The players are in motion the whole time," Bolton said was the big difference.  "There's no stop-start like in the American game, so it's more of a running game than about power."

The college system is foreign to the Aussies as well.  They have a national draft after the age of 18.

The Sydney Swans were knocked out in the semifinals this year, so they missed out on the crazy controversy that ensued in the Grand Final (Super Bowl). 

For the first time in 33 years, the finalists played to a draw and by some insane rule, they had to REPLAY the game a week later.  Can you imagine Super Bowl Sunday followed by another Super Bowl Sunday?

"Those guys played out a draw and they were off their feet and then they have to regroup, come back," Bolton explained.  "All the sponsors come back again the next week, the fans had to buy tickets again, it was crazy.  It was a bit of an emotional blowout the following game."

In this picture: Sydney Swans' Josh Kennedy, Ben McGlynn, Jarrad McVeigh, Martin Mattner, Shane Mumford and Jude Bolton plus USC's Mark Jackson.


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