Week 4 Mailbag

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Just like last time, these are my answers to your questions.  To clarify, I'm speaking for myself not the coaching staff unless you see quotation marks.

Time to check in with the fans and readers via email, Twitter and Facebook to get their questions on the first few weeks of the season...

Q.) Will Joe Houston and Jake Harfman be wearing #10 again on Saturday?  Also, can you elaborate on why the change? - Timothy via email

A.) As far as I know, the change is permanent for the season.  When I asked Harfman about it, he said, "He hasn't told me, but I bet Coach Baxter has something up his sleeve."  While Harfman is built a little bigger than Houston, they are hard to tell apart with helmets, pads and uniforms on, which could potentially be a strategic advantage.  It sure tripped up the PA announcer in Minnesota, who called Harfman, "Joe Houston" and "Boomer Roepke."

Q.) What kind of guy is Lane Kiffin?  He has to have a fun side doesn't he?  :) - Josh via email

A.) Since so many of you have asked about coach's demeanor, I figured I'd give you my two cents.  While he is not smiling and bubbly all the time, he is a very funny, sharp guy.  If you watch most of the pool interviews and press conferences, he never misses an opportunity to be self-deprecating or crack wise.  While Kiffin is different from Pete Carroll, he focuses on staying true to his natural personality, which is a bit "tighter" than Carroll's.

Q.) Who is going to redshirt? - Jesus via Facebook

A.) Kiffin said last week that "anyone who has not played yet will likely redshirt."  As of now, DT George Uko, WR Kyle Prater, DB Dion Bailey, LB Hayes Pullard, TE Randall Telfer, TE Xavier Grimble, RB D.J. Morgan, QB Jesse Scroggins, OL Giovanni Di Poalo and DB Anthony Brown are eligible to redshirt without needing a medical hardship waiver. 

Q.) How about just kicking the ball through the uprights?  - Vince via Facebook

A.) Ah yes, the two-point conversion debate.  Lane Kiffin has provided two explanations for it.  One, if they get it, the other team has to chase the points all game.  Two, future opponents are forced to spend a lot of their practice week preparing for all the different formations and plays USC runs in that two-point set.  Personally, I'd expect to see it happen less and less as the games get tighter against the Pac-10's elite.  However, John Baxter is unorthodox and the Trojans have also returned two kicks for TDs in three games, so special teams has been a considerable net gain.

Q.)  The Washington State game is on PRIME TICKET, which I do not get in Arizona.  Do you know of any other way to get the game? - Robert via email

A.) Unless you have a comprehensive satellite package, Saturday's game is only available on television locally in Southern California and Washington.  We are looking into steaming it live on, so stay locked into the blog for further information.

Q.) What was on the magazine cover that students were throwing on the field Saturday? - Eddie via Twitter

A.) It was a souvenir Sports Illustrated celebrating great Minnesota football players (see photo below).  The lesson here is don't give any student section dangerous projectiles. 


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