Wazzu Thursday Practice: Notes

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Competition and intensity are the stories of the day...

  • In case you missed it, you can watch Saturday's game LIVE on  Scroll down to the previous post for more info.
  • Marc Tyler has been limited all week with a sore hip flexor, he reported to the media.  He said they stretched him out and, "It went away."  Otherwise, no new injury news.
  • For the second straight day, practice ended on a T.J. Bryant interception.  After recovering from facial surgery, Bryant has worked his way into the nickel position, which he held last year.  Lane Kiffin praised his "ball skills."
  • Nickell Robey will start at corner opposite Shareece Wright, but Bryant and Torin Harris continue to put heat on the youngster. 
  • More competition, Michael Reardon is starting to work at guard to push Butch Lewis.  Kiffin is happy with the way Lewis has responded, but he expects both players to contribute at that spot on Saturday.
  • The coaching staff has still not made an official decision on the starting tailback.  "They have not said anything to me," Marc Tyler said today.  "But I cannot control that.  I just have to stay ready."
  • Kiffin said the coaches will look at practice film to determine the starter, but Tyler "didn't really do much this week" thanks to the injury. 
  • Tyler is "disappointed" with how he played last week, but the fumble that he was benched for should have been overturned by a replay.  Nevertheless, it opened the door for Allen Bradford.  Tyler does not want to dwell on the mistake.  "When I think about [ball security] too much, I start running differently." 
  • The junior back has not lost his sense of humor.  He took a shot at his old man, Wendell Tyler, who was a running back at UCLA.  "I'm not horrible like my dad was with fumbling," Tyler joked.  "I have seen pictures of the way he used to hold the ball."
  • On the other side of the ball, Chris Galippo has not been playing as much at linebacker, but special teams has kept him busy.  He is on all four punt and kickoff teams, which could help him hold down a spot in the NFL.  "It's definitely something that scouts look at as versatility," Galippo said of his special teams work.  "Obviously, rookies that come into the NFL have to play special teams."
  • After Robert Woods kickoff return for a touchdown last week, Galippo and the rest of the "Convoy" sprinted down the field to celebrate with the freshman.  However, Galippo had to cover the resulting kickoff, so he was sucking wind with his hand in the ground and John Baxter cheering him on from the sidelines.  "One of the rules of special teams is that we celebrate all plays," Galippo said.
  • As practice intensity picked up today, OL Kris O'Dowd and DT Hebron Fangupo got into a little skirmish.  It was broken up and both players were benched for the rest of practice.  Without tackling, we have not seen much in-fighting, which is typical of football practice.
  • Here is Lane Kiffin on the week's preparation...

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I'm beginning to like Coach Kiffins snappy attitude he gives to the reporters.... When asked about the Tyler's fumble, Kiffin responded he had full confidence in the Big 10 officiating crew with this huge smirk on his face. I thought that was pretty funny how he called them out.

"Stay positive Scott" lol

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