USC vs. Minnesota Live Chat

| 3 Comments blog contributors Stephanie Graves and Ben Weiss bring you live commentary of today's game, featuring updates from the field courtesy of Jordan Moore.


The Trojans offensive coordinater sucks he calls running plays every second and long play he has no imagination and needs to be replaced now!

The trojans suck! Hope to see them playing well again by 2020... but I doubt it.

Ummm.... there is a reason that run plays were being called so much, they started being called more right after Barkley about got his head pulled off with that facemask, to say the least he was pretty out of it for a bit, which led to more running. BTW Kiffin calls all the offensive calls and I think his play calling is pretty spot on, its our players that need to execute. Half the time the players don't run the route right and the other half a penalty screws them.

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