Tweets from Hawaii

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Jordan Moore's tweets compiled by blog contributors Stephanie Graves and Ben Weiss on the mainland.

Hawaii 2.jpg

The view from outside Aloha Stadium, with obligatory rainbow

Hawaii 1.jpg

Pre-game view from the field level of Aloha Stadium

3 hours, 30 minutes before kickoff: I'll be providing periodic updates from the USC sideline. It's about that time...

2 hours, 30 minutes before kickoff: Trojans en route to Aloha Stadium. 

"Police Escort" would be a good nickname for a fullback. They sure know how to a clear a path.

2 hours before kickoff: Pullin into the stadium. Trojans fans are representing. 

1 hour, 45 minutes before kickoff: Trojans getting taped, dressed and focused inside the locker room. Alotta headphones...

45 minutes before kickoff: USC's captains have a "C" on their jersey to signify their leadership role. That's new to Kiffin era.

20 minutes before kickoff: The horn sounds a final Trojan retreat before the return from the locker room with bad intentions

10 minutes before kickoff: Former American Idol contestant singing American and Hawaiian anthems

2 minutes before kickoff: Game on. Now, the tip of the spear...

1st Quarter 

HAWAII 3.jpg

Baxter's Strikeforce

13:07: On 3rd down, "Sharks up." Team in unison, "Sharks." And the fins go up...

10:07: Can't manufacture adrenaline. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen them execute that 2 point play to perfection.

6:33: Check out 6'7" Matt Kalil on the field goal block team. He'll swat one away eventually.

1:38: Two drives, two Matt Barkley TD passes. Also, true to his word, Kiffin has stuck with one primary ball carrier, Marc Tyler. 

2nd Quarter

7:27: Bend but don't break defensively so far. Expect more pass rush in the 2nd half when O-line wears down.

1:06: Joe Houston has to be the happiest person in the stadium. Finally, an extra point! Great answer drive with J. Cameron showing up as a weapon


  • Just guessing, but pass defense particularly the pass rush will be a topic A at halftime.

3rd Quarter

8:05: CB Torin Harris headed to the locker room. Brian Baucham in the hot seat now.

7:17: Now, Shareece Wright to the locker room, but another senior Ronald Johnson runs right by him on the way in.

5:54: Daniel Harper has replaced Shareece Wright. Robey on the outside now.

1:25: The trojans are digging deep into the defensive roster. 4th and 5th corners, 3rd string defensive end. The good news: Harris and Wright jog out of the locker room.

Final: USC 49, Hawaii 36

Thanks to all who followed tonight. Glad to go home with a win, and happy to see the Lane Kiffin era of USC offense back in full-force! Fight On!


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