Minnesota Wednesday Practice: Notes


Turnovers are the story of the night...

  • In case you missed it, click here to see a photo gallery of tonight's practice.
  • On the injury front, the names are the same.  Nick Perry and Armond Armstead are both listed as limited.  If I were to guess, Armstead will likely play against Minnesota, but Perry could be held out, so his ankle does not dog him for the whole season.  TE Jordan Cameron returned to action today.
  • The spirit at practice was as good as its been in a while.  The defense was particularly energetic in pursuit of turnovers.  They had a couple of pick sixes during 7-on-7.
  • USC has forced just one turnover this season.  How do they get more balls on the ground?  "Pressure on the quarterback number one, he's the guy that's always responsible for giving up the most amount of turnovers on offense," Lane Kiffin responded.  "We haven't been close to many turnovers."
  • Kiffin would like to see more tipped and loose balls, but it has not happened over the first two weeks.  "Once you start, they just start coming out," LB Michael Morgan said about opening up the turnover floodgates.  "It's really contagious."
  • With Perry and Armstead potentially hampered, the pass rush might need a boost.  Morgan spent much of last season rushing the quarterback, but he's been kept in the holster so far in 2010.  "I love the rush," Morgan said about getting after the QB.  "If they give me a call, I'll do it."
  • Morgan said the defense's goal is three turnovers per game, so they are five short of that mark so far.  Personally, he's looking to knock out one quarterback per game, so he's one out of two.
  • T.J. McDonald is responsible for the lone takeaway this season (a red zone interception against Virginia).  "We've got to be in the right positions at the right time," said McDonald about getting more picks.  "We've got to hustle to the ball and execute the details of our assignments."
  • I'll have the scouting report tomorrow, but Minnesota has been airing it out this season.  "Any school that throws the ball, we see that as an opportunity," McDonald said.
  • If the weather gets a little sloppy Saturday, it might help the turnover cause, but McDonald is not interested.  "I'm not so much a fan of that, but if I got to, I will."
  • The media has billed this weekend as a homecoming of sorts for Lane Kiffin, who went to high school in Minnesota for three years, but he had a funny line about that today, "Well I've got a lot of homes, we moved like 17 times.  Everywhere we play seems to be a home."
  • In all seriousness, Kiffin had nothing but kind words about the Trojans weekend destination.  "It's a really unique place from the aspect that it's off the charts friendly people and it's a great place to raise kids.  I've got nothing but good memories there."
  • Here's Kiffin's media session...


Anyone want to shed some light as to why Stanley Havili is long snapping?

Well,,,they have one snapper, Chris Pousson, who came in as a freshman scholarshipped for the job. He does all the snaps for all positions. With no back up due to the loss of Cooper Stephenson, there have been many contests to see who is the possible back up. It appears that few are qualified though many attempted. J Manoogian and Z Kushner have taken turns at back up but neither has a scholly and probably won't travel so the rush is on to find someone who can complete a game if need be. Stanley perhaps?

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