Lane Kiffin Virginia Press Conference


With the holiday yesterday, Lane Kiffin's weekly press conference was pushed to Tuesday. 

As I mentioned last week, the format has changed.  Basically, it's a one-on-one sit down between Kiffin and myself, which we make available to everyone.

This week, Kiffin looked back at Hawaii and ahead to the home opener against Virginia.


A couple of suggestions:

1) If this is going to be a one-on-one between Jordan and Kiff, set it up that way. It seems silly to have Kiff sitting at a table all by himself with Jordan out in the "audience" asking the questions when there are no other media outlets present.

2) Fix the audio. All that back and forth between the mic channels is distracting, especially when the timing of potting up the audio on a mic is off.

No more live weekly presser? Now that's a shame.

this is a stupid interview. i agree with deb

Man, the blog has changed! Really , realy miss Ben Malcomson.

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