Lane Kiffin Minnesota Post Presser


Scroll down to read my 10 takes with quotes from the stars and a video with game MVP Allen Bradford.

But first, here's the coach on the victory (note: it cuts off abruptly, but that's the last question)...


Is there a part 2 to this? It cuts of in mid sentence.

I love how Coach Kiffin slams Scott Wolfe mid interview.... that was awesome.

Yeah, it was good to see Scott Wolfe called out. But I think it's a kind of ironic that Kiffin calls himself "optimistic".

Oh I agree, but was has Kiffin had, to be optimistic about? 2 mediocre wins in HA and VA and half a game in MN. Scott Wolfe has been following USC for long time and has always been an a-hole even when the team is doing well.

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